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Who we are?

APEX TRANS LTD. is a freight forwarding and logistics company experienced in the transportation of goods throughout the world located in Ukraine, Kiev. Main activity of our company is Air Freight. Our experienced team works closely with you to find the appropriate aircraft for your Freight Our team has big experience in forwarding and logistic business in the course of many years.

Ocean Shipping

Container transportation, especially marine container shipments take a large part of the sea freight market nowadays. It becomes more common as follow to international trades development. It’s easy to explain by the fact that the modern container can carry almost any cargoes, anywhere, obviously estimating - at what cost. In essence, the container is a unified package, which performs several important functions:

  • prevents its content (goods) from damage during transportation and the influence of external factors;
  • simplifies handling (loading / unloading) and storage of certain types of cargo (bulk, bulk, small, etc.);
  • Unifies cargo space, so you can easily determine in advance the cost of freightyou’re your cargo, which means - to calculate the value of the goods at destination.

Container shipments

Nowadays container shipping lines allow to transport various kind of goods – in bulk, as a generals, and even as a liquid.

Company APEX TRANS LTD. gives possibility to our clients to take advantage of services of the company in transportation of containers:

  • cargo forwarding from a warehouse of the consignor to a warehouse of the addressee of cargo;
  • transportation of container cargoes from/to ports Odessa and Ilyichevsk in any port of Africa, Asia, America or Europe;
  • an overload and packing of cargoes in the container on container terminals of ports of Odessa and Ilyichevsk;
  • registration of accompanying documents on cargo for import and export from territory of Ukraine ( customs registration and examination);
  • sea transportation of containers with various kinds of cargoes: loose, packed, piece and perishable;
  • forwarding and responsible storage under the customs control of containers and cargoes of the client (port Odessa and Ilyichevsk in Ukraine);
  • transfer of cargoes from containers in auto transportation for delivery to clients in any settlement of Ukraine;
  •  a multimodal cargo transportation of containers and cargoes;
  • cargo insurance on all way of transportation of the container;
  • high speed of delivery of container for shipment to the consignor and container cargoes to the addressee of cargo;
  • the information of the client on a current site of cargo

We are quite confident that our freight rates for container shipments by sea will be as low as possible, while the service level – highest. No inquiries be disregarded, and personal approach to each Client ensures that your deals will be fruitful and leaded to our mutual beneficial cooperation.

For the calculation of freight rates, please use the on-line order on our website or contact our specialists.

Container types and sizes

20 Foot Container

Interior width:
Interior height:
Interior length:
Cubic volume:
Loaded capacity:

2352 mm (7 ft 8.6 in) 
2395 mm (7 ft 10.3 in)
5898 mm (19 ft 4.2 in) 
33.2 cbm (1173 cu ft) 
29.73 cbm (1050 cubic feet) 

20 Foot Container

40 Foot Container

Interior width:
Interior height:
Interior length:
Cubic volume:
Loaded capacity:

2350 mm (7 ft 8.5 in)
2392 mm (7 ft 10.2 in)
12032 mm (39 ft 5.7 in)
67.6 cbm (2389 cu ft) 
62.3 cbm (2200 cubic feet)

40 Foot Container

40 Foot High Cube Container

Interior width:
Interior height:
Interior length:
Cubic volume:
Loaded capacity:

2352 mm (7 ft 8.6 in) 
2698 mm (8 ft 10.2 in)
12023 mm (39 ft 5.3 in)
76.2 cbm (2694 cu ft)
67.95 cbm (2400 cu ft)

40 Foot High Cube Container

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News: Silk Way nears deal on B747-8F trio

Plane maker Boeing and Azerbaijan-based cargo airline Silk Way West are finalising terms on a purchase agreement for three B747-8 freighters.


Antonov Benefiting from US-Ukraine Open Skies Agreement

Antonov Benefiting from US-Ukraine Open Skies Agreement.


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