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Who we are?

APEX TRANS LTD. is a freight forwarding and logistics company experienced in the transportation of goods throughout the world located in Ukraine, Kiev. Main activity of our company is Air Freight. Our experienced team works closely with you to find the appropriate aircraft for your Freight Our team has big experience in forwarding and logistic business in the course of many years.

Air freight

Air transportation is the most perspective kind of international cargo delivery. Main advantages are efficiency and reliability. Air freight is the most modern kind of transportation. Sometimes air freight is the only way to deliver cargo to its destination.

APEX TRANS LTD. provides professional services for international freight forwarding. Though big competition in the market of International Air freight APEX TRANS LTD. is leader in air freight forwarding in Ukraine. This once again proves the high professionalism of our company, the ability to grow and develop, implement new technologies and developments in the international system of air freight. We deliver export, import and transit cargoes by regular and charter flights from major airports in Ukraine: KBP, ODS, SIP, LWO. We are able take into account almost all factors, which depend from the weather to force majeure and to minimize their impact on the speed and quality of international air freight. We have a big experience in the air freight and our company guarantees to you a rigorous quality control and organization of all phases of air transportation. Your cargo will deliver perfectly and just in time, regardless of external factors.

APEX TRANS LTD. is agent of almost all national and foreign airlines which operates flights from Ukraine. Our company has orders from leading Ukrainian companies for delivery their cargos from the world. We do not limit the circle of opportunities for cooperation with small companies, so our company is able to provide several options for the implementation of air transportation, each of which will have its advantages. Our own network of agents and partners gives us a unique opportunity to develop the shortest and profitable route and offer the best rate for delivery to our customers. If you provide us all necessary information, we can calculate the optimal rate for any your cargo. You can make your request for air freight directly on our website. For convenient communication with us you can fill in fields in "ON-LINE ORDER". Enter requested information about your cargo details and your contact information. After that, your order is being processed. Then we will contact you soon, our operators and managers help you to organize cargo delivery with the best way for you.

Categories of air cargo

We carry out international cargo flights on the following schemes: “airport-to-airport", "door-to-airport" or for another necessary route. We guarantee the quality of provided services, timeliness of delivery, safety of your cargo. Optimal logistics for air freight will not only provide speed and reliability for your cargo, but also allow you to save money by choosing the optimal tariff.

Our company offer air freight for the following categories:

  • general;
  • dangerous;
  • valuable;
  • perishable;
  • Heavy and bulky;
  • urgent delivery within a short time

Specific requirements for each category of goods:

  • required documents (permit for transportation of the goods and customs clearance);
  • compliance with packages;
  • special conditions for transportation and storage of the goods;
  • safety requirements

What is determines delivery cost?

Air freight is the fastest chance to deliver any goods to other continents, or to deliver goods to Ukraine from different countries. However, air freight costs is more than cost of ocean freight, rail freight or trucking. So the main factor for air freight is limited time required for transportation. It would be important to competently evaluate the profitability of the shipment for our customers. Air freight would be the best way for delivery goods if you spent the funds adequate speed and quality.

A lot of factors influence for air freight cost and main of all are:

  • type of cargo and its volume;
  • urgency of delivery;
  • insurance;
  • other factors associated with the peculiarities of the shipment.

Our company is offering an individual plan for each client and, if possible we offer a variety of attractive cooperative program.

Responsibility and cooperation.
The borders are absent if you cooperate with company APEX TRANS LTD. You specify the place where you want to get/deliver the goods, and we make the route, choose the optimal rate to destination (European, American, Asian).

Our qualified operators constantly monitor the process on all steps of air transportation. But in this process support from client is also important. From the accuracy and clarity of the completed documents depends how quickly and efficiently cargos will be delivered. During the existence of our company, we learned to cooperate successfully with any clients, providing them highest quality and speed of implementation of air transportation. Our joint cooperation will become successful start for your projects.

Logistic calculation carried out accurately and in detail, can effectively solve even the most difficult problems associated with delivery of goods. We take responsibility for the safety of cargo, timely delivery and execution of all contract terms and guarantee professional air freight service. From the quality of implementation of commitments for air transportation of goods depends reputation of our company.

International air freight with our company - is reliable and high quality service.


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