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Who we are?

APEX TRANS LTD. is a freight forwarding and logistics company experienced in the transportation of goods throughout the world located in Ukraine, Kiev. Main activity of our company is Air Freight. Our experienced team works closely with you to find the appropriate aircraft for your Freight Our team has big experience in forwarding and logistic business in the course of many years.

About us

APEX TRANS LTD. was founded in 2009. Our team has big experience in forwarding and logistic business in the course of many years.

We believe that consistent, ethical and quality performance with our customers will result in loyal, long-term relationships. 

We believe our service should exceed freight industry standards and be the best value for the customer.

The worldwide network of transport agents allows APEX TRANS to easily organize the reliable transport link between Ukraine and every country in the world.

APEX TRANS is a member a lot of freight networks. APEX TRANS and their fellow members have created a strong partnership in order to provide not only unrivalled personal service, but at a very competitive price.

logo cargoworld networks In 2012 APEX TRANS LTD. was added to international freight forwarder network CARGOWORLD NETWORKS. It's a provider of a world-wide for 200.000 Air/Ocean freight forwarder members.
EastWest Logistics Network In 2015 APEX TRANS LTD. became a member of world-wide network Eastwest Logistics Network (EWLN).  Eastwest Logistics Network was established in December 2014 and is created out of Singapore, the logistics hub of South East Asia. Logistics (comprising of air, sea, land transportation and 3 P/L) has the potential for sizeable growth.  EWLN network family now have 200 members from different part of the world (90 countries).
Integreted Logistics Network In 2015 APEX TRANS LTD. jointed to INTEGRATED LOGITICS NETWORK (ILN). Integrated Logistics Network family is a global logistics network of independent freight forwarders – representing airports and seaports around the world. 
Universal Logistics Network

In 2015 APEX TRANS LTD became a member of new world-wide network UNIVERSAL LOGISTICS NETWORK (ULN). Universal Logistics Network was found in July 2015, it started growing its stature by gathering members across the world. ULN covers 32 countries today.


Member ID #293

 With the world's major commercial airlines, cargo carriers and charters at their disposal, APEX TRANS provide a global infrastructure that links with every major trade route worldwide.

In 2014 APEX TRANS became the winner of the National Business Rating. On December, 2014 the Company received the Branch Leader 2014 award among the best Ukrainian companies.
As a result of the ranking of 300,000 Ukrainian companies according to the data of State Statistics, APEX TRANS LTD. was awarded as the Branch Leader of Ukrainian Economy 2014. The Company got the bronze place in Ukraine among the Ukrainian companies in the field of Transportation.

  Национальный сертификат «СПЕЦИАЛИСТ ГОДА 2014»     Медаль «ЛИДЕР ОТРАСЛИ»     National Business Rating  




SPEED: Apex Trans Ltd. has a staff of dedicated professionals that make sure of the accurate and timely submission of client’s official documentation.

HANDLING: APEX TRANS understand that part of their responsibility is to fully support clients through all procedures. If a problem does arise, Apex Trans Ltd. can draw upon their established relations with carriers in order to obtain a favourable resolution.

INFORMATION: Due to the changing times, many countries have adopted more comprehensive procedures with regards to regulating commodities that are accepted at their ports, including how they must be packaged and what sort of documentation must accompany them. APEX TRANS ensures that clients are kept up to date with requirements and procedures in order to avoid timely and potentially costly mistakes.

PURCHASING POWER: APEX TRANS understands that cost is an important factor for their clients. Due to established relations with carriers, APEX TRANS are able to offer exceptionally competitive rates to many destinations across the globe.

In the continuously evolving transport field, APEX TRANS have taken up the challenge to constantly adapt and improve its services to meet the most exacting requirements of its wide range of customers.

Our quotations are competitive and our service has the highest level.


    • Choice of the optimal kind of transport and routing. You can able to reduce your expenses and time
    • International transportation with the best quotation
    • prompt calculation of delivery cost for your cargo
    • Filling in transport documentations in accordance with your requirements
    • Providing full information about current status of your cargo
    • We always welcome to new customers. Call or email to us right now ...




Tel. +380 (93) 100 03 34

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