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Who we are?

APEX TRANS LTD. is a freight forwarding and logistics company experienced in the transportation of goods throughout the world located in Ukraine, Kiev. Main activity of our company is Air Freight. Our experienced team works closely with you to find the appropriate aircraft for your Freight Our team has big experience in forwarding and logistic business in the course of many years.

Automobile transportation

Automobile transportation is one of the most popular and widespread means of cargo transporting all over the world. This mean of transportation is very convenient, and - with APEX TRANS LTD - is absolutely safe.

Automobile transportation renders possibility to ship the cargoes of any size and assignment. In virtue of modern technologies, we have possibility to follow up and trace the location of means of transport, in any period of time, that increases the security of provided services.

Services, provided by APEX TRANS LTD:

  • Standard cars with carrying capacity up to 22 tonnes;
  • Transporting the oversize cargo;
  • Transporting the dangerous cargo;
  • Transporting the heavy-lift cargo;
  • Transporting the cargo, that needs maintenance of special temperature conditions;
  • Insurance and providing the safety and security;
  • Shipping documentation processing;
  • Execution of special permits and necessary approvals;

APEX TRANS LTD provides shipping via Automobile transportation across the territory of Ukraine, of CIS(Commonwealth of Independent States) countries, Baltic states and Europe, generally more than 20 states of Europe into any of the cities on the territory of CIS and in opposite direction. On the Client's demand, our counterparts can work out an individual plan of car transportation of your cargo, within effective terms, considering all requirements.


Tel. +380 (93) 100 03 34

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